What to Look For in Consultant Development

Whether your consulting business is brand new or already a going concern, there is always room for improvement. The right consultant development training can help you wow your current clients while learning how to get new ones. A big part of any consulting business owner’s day is spent looking for new clients, and the right training can help you learn the techniques you will need to attract new clients to your door without sacrificing the relationships you have so carefully built with your existing ones.

Of course not all consultant development training is the same, and it is important to spend your training dollars wisely. Choosing the wrong training will be a waste of your time and money, so it is important to research the qualifications of any consultant training program you are considering.

Some of the things to look for in a consultant development seminar include:

  • Real world experience – practical real world experience is an essential part of any consultant development seminar. Ideally the seminar should be taught by professionals who have many years of experience attracting and retaining top clients from the largest companies in the world. The ability of these consultants to survive and thrive long term in such a competitive environment speaks volumes to their competence and abilities. When considering any consulting training be sure to look at the experience level of the instructors and others on the team putting the seminar together.
  • Practical tips – while theory is important in any seminar, the bulk of any consulting training should focus on real world practical tips attendees can take back and use in the day to day operation of their businesses. From tax saving strategies to advice on structuring your business, it is important that the seminar include lots of information you can actually use to run, and grow, your consulting business and freelance practice.
  • Good contacts – a well run consultant training session is an excellent place to grow your list of business contacts and expand your network. Look for a company that has solid contacts in your industry. This will help you build your network and gain new clients for your business.
  • Solid reputation in the community – the reputation of the company conducting the training seminar is an important part of any training seminar. When evaluating consultant training seminars it is important to look at each company and how they are perceived, both in the consulting community and in the community as a whole. Choosing a company with a solid reputation for quality will allow you to get the most out of your training.
  • Up to date information – the world of consulting is an ever changing one, and it is important that the information you receive during the seminar be applicable to the modern consulting world. Review the information carefully before signing up for the seminar. Avoid any seminars that are offering outdated or stale information.

By using these simple tips you will be able to get the most out of your ongoing consultant training. New learning opportunities are an important part of growing any business, and the consulting business is no exception.

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