Things that will drive your waiter crazy

It is a simple waste of time as these people have a lot more work to do than stand around waiting until you decide who is going to pay.

It is nice being served by pleasant and smiling servers and waiters in their dashing uniforms and server aprons,Guest Posting when we visit a restaurant for a meal. They are efficient and always willing to please, by helping us with our requests, and sometimes keeping small tools and utensils in their waist apron pockets in order to give us quick assistance.

However, there are certain instances when we actually drive these restaurant servers crazy with our requests and behavior. These include:

Not leaving a tip – Tips are a way in which servers and wait staff earn some extra money, and it is a way of showing our appreciation for the service they have given us. It is rather disappointing to serve a guest throughout the night and not get a tip.
Walking in just before closing time – Walking into a restaurant a few minutes before closing time means that your server has to work extra time until you finish, and don’t get a chance to leave work on time.
Fighting over who pays the bill – Servers find it very annoying when people pounce on them to grab the bill and then start fighting about who pays it.
Bad jokes – Telling bad jokes to a hard-working server can really be annoying for them.
Uncontrollable children – Children who treat a restaurant like a playground are a disaster waiting to happen, especially with servers and waiters running around carrying heavily laden trays of food and drinks.
Being on the phone – Servers hate it when they come to take your order and you are on the phone. Again, they have many tables to serve and wait on, not just yours, so it would be nice to be a little more considerate.
Asking for food that is not on the menu – Asking for things that are not on the menu puts servers and other staff in a dilemma about how to charge you for it.

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