The 7 Things You Should Know Before You Hire A Marketing Consultant

We realize choosing a marketing consultant can be a tough decision to make. We also realize that making the wrong choice can cost your business a lot of extra money! Because of this, we have outlined a few key areas to consider when selecting a new consultant or a consulting company. To assist you in your selection process, use the following considerations as your last “gut check” before making a commitment.

1. Not all consultants are legitimate.
Make sure the consultant you’re considering has a good reputation and appropriate credentials. Do your homework and check their references.

2. You will be working very closely with your chosen consultant.
Be sure you see yourself and your organization working well with this person or firm. Do they “fit” into your culture and work environment? Do they seem comfortable with your people? Do your people feel comfortable with them?

3. Not all consultants will track their own success or failure.
Advertising and marketing agencies are the last holdout for unchecked spending couched in the myth that ‘Marketing is not traceable.’ is trend is changing in your favor. Bottom line: demand a ROI tracking method on your investment from your consultant.

4. Your consultant may not “dig deep” to find ways to be cost conscious and save you money.
You should demand as an example: they discuss ways to save printing or design costs by using one marketing piece for several functions. Another example, they should be able to delegate work to junior level people or to your people.

5. Not all consultants will tell you the truth, even if it hurts.
Look for a consultant with integrity. Likewise, be ready to hear that the brochure you created has room for improvement. The last thing you need is a consultant that agrees that everything is just fine as-is.

6. The best consultants are not fanatic die hards for only one marketing philosophy.
Great consultants continue to educate themselves in all areas in order to give you the best tools, techniques and methods available. If the consultant you’re considering assures you they have the “One best system”, watch out!

7. Consultants may try to make you dependent on them – be wary!
Good consultants share how they do what they do – excellent ones teach you how to do marketing yourself and work themselves out of the job.

Deciding on the right consultant is very important for your company. No one can consider every possible question or scenario that may arise in selecting a good consultant and we trust this material is a helpful beginning to your selection process. We encourage you to contact us with any questions – we’re available to help.

“It seems that about 50% of those calling themselves “consultants” don’t really know what they’re doing, but almost 90% of those buying consulting services don’t know how to tell the difference!” – unknown

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