What Can a Boston IT Consultant Do For You?

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Many East Coast companies are finding it easier and more economical to outsource their IT needs to Boston IT consultants for their ongoing operation, maintenance and upgrade needs. Why?

The fact is that corporate IT systems are take a sizable chunk of the operating budget – and this chunk is not exactly shrinking. In fact, by the time one factors in employee salary and benefits packages, the need to monitor IT use and the cost of software tools needed for such monitoring and maintenance, it could add up to several hundreds of thousands of dollars – and seriously cut into profit margins.

Rather than take from CEO salaries and shareholder dividends, isn’t it smarter to simply outsource the entire operation to a qualified Boston IT consultant? This is fact is the conclusion to which more business owners seeking to externalize operation costs while internalizing profits are finding out.

Once the services of a Boston IT consultant has been secured, this expert will begin by doing an extensive assessment, or audit of your company’s current IT operations, strengths and weaknesses. From such information, it is possible to determine the location and nature of any security leaks as well as bottlenecks. Based on these findings, a Boston IT expert can then determined system needs and how best to deal with them.

For example, does your company need a firewall? SPAM – unwanted emails that result from “bulk mailers” attempting to sell everything from Viagra to timeshares in Dubai – can clog server space and compromise productivity. Did you know there are many ways to insure than such emails never even make it past the electronic front door?

Hackers and viruses are also another concern. Boston IT consultants can make sure your data is protected and can recommend the most effective solutions at the lowest costs. This includes not only the most effective software, but the proper hardware as well.

Hardware and software is an entire conundrum in and of itself; it seems as if these must constantly be replaced, or at the very least, upgraded. The good news is that with PC-based IT systems, upgrades are relatively simple and inexpensive for the Boston IT expert. Such IT consultants are aware of what works and what doesn’t, and can provide valuable guidance as to what to install and what to avoid.

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Hiring Non-Immigrants by IT-Consulting Companies – Top Three Concerns

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Information Technology consulting companies in United States hire foreign nationals from other countries. Dealing with immigration issues is one of their major challenges. Having worked in a Lawfirm and Information Technology consulting company, I can relate to the challenges that a business owner goes through. I am not an expert, but from my experience I would like to share my observation on IT Consulting companies that have say less than 50 employees. Let us name this group as IT-50 Business owner. Typically IT-50 business owner handles almost all the functions such as Business development, Recruitment and Immigration on her/his own. In my opinion here are the three major CONCERNS faced by these business owners, when hiring a Non-immigrant worker:

To hire an employee in the shortest possible time

While some companies choose to process their work permit applications in-house, others hire Immigration attorney/consultants. Typically an immigration team comprises of the business owner, Immigration Department (In-house or outsourced team) and Immigration Law firm. One of the biggest concerns is to hire a Non-Immigrant worker in the shortest possible time. This means the Immigration team needs to be aware of the time line, have checklists and systems in place to collect the documents from the prospective employee/employer. These documents need to be submitted in time to the Immigration Law firm for processing the work permit applications as per USCIS guidelines . Premium processing option is offered by USCIS for some petitions for quicker decision. Both the prospective employee and the employer needs to be aware of the document requirements for work permit and make sincere efforts to submit in time. In my experience I have found that having an efficient Immigration Department (In-house or outsourced team), that truly cares, commits and does timely follow up will definitely help in cutting the time in terms of proprietary work.

Record Keeping

For an employer to run his company with peace of mind, he wants to ensure that records pertaining to both the employer and employee are kept safe and are compliant with Governmental regulations. Many companies receive training from Immigration attorney/consultant to ensure compliance and proper record keeping. Some Immigration attorneys/consultants visit the employers’ facility to provide on the job training.

Employees need to be taken care of THROUGH the immigration process

In my experience this seems to be the biggest concern for IT-50 business owner. Immigration is a very important component for an employee’s retention. Hence the IT-50 business owner wants to make sure that the company provides proper and correct legal support. Some are very keen in hiring Immigration attorney/consultants that are conversant with the language/culture of the employee. This makes communication easy and facilitates smooth flow of the process. In addition to employee’s immigration issues, an IT-50 business owner wants his dependent’s Visa issues also to be addressed in correct and timely manner.

Action Exercises

Here are the two things you can consider doing:

Review your Immigration team’s performance. Are there any areas you can reduce the time taken to communicate effectively? Do you need to create checklist or automate? Just do it.

As you know Immigration is a very important component for an employee’s retention, survey your current employees, find out one key area that needs their attention and implement it right away.

Lalitha Brahma

As an entrepreneur you deserve to run your business passionately with peace of mind. If you are serious about protecting your FAMILY and growing your BUSINESS, sign up for my FREE educational series at

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What is EMR Consulting and What Can it Do For You?

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What is EMR or Electronic Medical Record? It is actually the newest sophistication in a doctor’s office environment that enhances any document management system. To achieve this level of sophistication, you will have to undergo an EMR consulting process to properly accomplish everything you need to have in the EMR software.

The Electronic Medical Record will have all the health documentation for each of your patient thus lessening any paperwork done in your office. This saves you time, money, and manpower in the long run. Before implementing any EMR software, a physician should contact an EMR consultant for the EMR consulting process.

The EMR consultant’s duty is to help the physician navigate through the EMR software for better understanding and better application. This allows the physician to properly discern whether the current EMR software is sophisticated enough for his medical practice. If not, he can ask for other customizations to be done on the current software installed or upgrade to newer versions.

With the appropriate EMR consulting, the doctor won’t be caught off guard and dumbfounded when using the EMR software for the first time. Since the sophisticated system is connected to the internet, the doctor can freely contact his patients regarding their diagnosis, get exam result charts directly from laboratories, and even get the latest updates from the medical world such as recalling of medicines and latest medical reports. His patients will also be able to view their charts online and even educate themselves about their current situation.

The EMR software is really the much-needed upgrade in the medical field. Through this, a patient can consult their doctor online and the doctor can charge an online consultation fee. It’s like having your medical check up without leaving the comforts of your home. As a doctor, the software allows you to prevent any malpractice from happening because the EMR software will help you decide the best treatment and medication for your patients. The medical history of your patient and their family health history are properly recorded and organized to help you decide the correct treatment. There will be no more lost charts and other document-related problems in your office.

Your patients can fill out their medical history and family health history in a computer terminal while waiting for their turn in the waiting area of your office. Your patients will surely be overjoyed with the latest developments of your high technology and will certainly tell their friends about it. You can also teach them to take online medical tutorials about their ailments to aid them to better understand their condition. This gives you a more personal touch to your patient’s hearts.

As you can see the initial EMR consulting process you have undergone can go a long way from saving you money to preventing any medical malpractice and even any unnecessary losses inside the office. As a result, more benefits for you and your patients as time passes by. The EMR software can also boost your reputation as a doctor in the medical field that’s why a lot of doctors are adopting this new kind of technology in their medical practice.

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Technology For Recruitment Consultants Who Want to Win

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Linux operating system.

This is not for the technologically faint hearted, Linux is a ‘community engineered’ alternative to the Windows operating system. Benefits to recruitment agencies are

The machines are often cheaper and faster than a Windows PC

They carry equivalent packages (e.g. word processor, spreadsheet, presentation etc.) for all available Windows office software with one key difference, the Linux software is all open source and is therefore free!

Linux machines do not suffer virus attacks. With Windows I used to loose 2 to 3 days per year (plus sleep) over virus attacks and then having to recover data. With Linux in 2 years I’ve had none!

The one thing to be careful of here is that Linux is different kit to windows, so you will need a specialist Linux company to support you. But, if you can get this, my opinion is, and I stress it’s my opinion, Linux is fantastic for recruitment consultants, cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, faster and more reliable!

Open source software.

Office software, and in particular CRM systems can cost recruitment agencies large amounts of money to set up and run. Open source software is free, created and updated by a large community of techies it’s presents highly sophisticated alternatives to traditional software. There are now excellent open source CRM packages, totally free as they are open source and perfectly usable as recruitment agency database software. As with Linux, it’s advisable to find a company who will support you through it, but other than support, the software is free to obtain and use on an ongoing basis, and it’s web based, making it easy for recruitment consultants to view from any location. Have a look at Sugar CRM.


This is not that new, but essential technology for any recruitment agency, messenger enables staff to communicate from anywhere, real-time, so long as they have an internet connection. There are a number of benefits:

Saves on phone and text charges, messenger communication is free.

Highly effective for team working with channels to all open all of the time.

Excellent to support home working in maintaining your contact with staff.

Works on any PC or mobile device with an internet connection.

Smart phones.

Today’s mobile phones offer exceptional functionality with broadband speed internet connections enabling full mobile e-mail capacity and internet browsing whilst out interviewing. If your company places it’s database on a server which is attached to the internet, you’ll have full access to your recruitment database whilst out with clients or interviewing. The days of recruitment consultants having to synchronise with outlook when you’re back in the office are gone. Run a web based e-mail package (try Zimbra) for all your e-mail, calender and notes and you will never need to synch again, simply use in on your phone over the internet

IP phones.

To look at and use these are just the same as any other phone. However, they don’t need a phone line, simply a connection to the internet, but here’s the good bits.

No phone line, no monthly rental charges.

An IP Phone comes with a an 0845 number which follows the phone. If you travel to the other side of the world and plug into the internet, and you have your same 0845, your same office extension (so your PA can still put calls through) and free calls to anyone else on an IP phone, or at worst a local rate elsewhere.

The biggest application for recruitment consultants is home working. You could be in the office one day, and at home the next, and still on the end of your office extension, the potential savings to recruitment agencies here are huge.

Web based e-mail.

Gone are those days when web based e-mail was just hotmail, which was convenient but lacking the sophistication of packages like outlook, which carried calendars and other useful office functionality. Now, packages such as Zimbra offer unparalleled functionality on a web based package, also now configured to work on smart phones for mobility. Rather than having to synchronise e-mail packages on PC and smart phone, now mobile recruitment consultants can use the same package where ever they are, on any computer, anywhere in the world. The software is open source, so it’s completely free!

If you are a recruitment consultant like myself, you may find it difficult to focus on things like this which are visibly related to generating another fee. But be warned, recruitment consultants who embrace these developments are giving themselves the advantage before the recruitment has even began.

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How to Begin a New Consulting Career

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A freelance job can take a lot of forms, from working nursing for those who need an overnight assist, to working a blog, or starting servers, or even writing articles for web sites who require them on a regular basis. Programmers who work freelance are often paid more than twice what they normally make for working in an office and Canada as well as the US offered these incentives, because they do not have to maintain offices and furnish the supplies for these type employees. Dave began on a smaller project and worked on a temporary basis. Many sites will offer some wonderful individuals who will pay well and in a timely way, however there are also those who will low ball and ask you to do an article along with research that may take upward of an hour, for two dollars or less. The company was pleased with his work and hired him to become a permanent part of their team. Finding a way to freelance for companies who need the services of someone like you, on a day to day basis is a great way to stay at home and support yourself and your family.

Medical consulting is one that I took on, and it worked well for me because as a former nurse, some of the medical knowledge that I had was exactly what was necessary in the specific web site I worked for. Nurses who work freelance in the US make substantially more than they might do working in hospital, and give the fairly vast nursing shortage they can expect to be offered a great deal more in other countries. Consulting can be rewarding both personally and financially as in the case of Dave who currently works for one of the largest computer firms in the world. If you are tired of the day to day running to an office, don’t like alarm clocks or suits and decided that there had to be a better way to make a living, then you’re probably ready for a career change. Be careful to research the quality of those who want to buy your time or service, and to ask them for the names of others who have worked for them in the past so that you can assure yourself of their reputation as an employer and to be sure that they pay, and pay in a timely way. What I did, was to work several of those jobs each week, and to build a rapport with some of the companies, who then in turned used my service again and again, and offered some great referrals to assist me in finding others.

Among the companies who use freelance assistance in some of their projects are some very well known companies such as: *Google, the search engine giant *Rent a Coder *Kelly Temps: supplies writers, secretaries, programmers and a wide array of temporary workers nationwide in the US. One way to get a foot in the door, is to seek out one of the many sites which have begun to pop up on the Internet that will match you up with those who want your services. No group will want to use someone who can’t write well, or whose grammar and English needs to be consistently corrected or replaced. He now travels both nationally and internationally to work on projects and has effectively tripled his salary from what it was when he began working for an ISP several years ago. Most will charge a small fee for you to use their service, but you will find the opportunity to bid on many different types and priced jobs, where you can begin to make a name in the consulting business. Many companies will hire those whose work they admire for a permanent placement. Make sure that when you work at the position, you will check and double check your work prior to turning it in. Freelance consulting may just be your step up to a new career path. When I was working nursing, I found that even the non skilled nursing jobs paid more for me in the open arenas such as home health than they did when I was working in house such as a hospital or nursing home. I left the office full time over 2 years ago, and although things were tight in the beginning, so far I haven’t’ looked back. Much like you’d not take a position that paid you two dollars an hour in the real world, so you can’t afford to do so when you are consulting and discouraging others from taking the lower pay will in the end help everyone involved in freelancing. So many fields are now open to the consultant that to choose a course that would serve well in all of them is difficult at best, however the one that springs immediately to mind would be of course English or grammar. Specific courses that might aid you in a consulting career would be as varied of course as your choice of the career to follow. Working for someone for two weeks, who doesn’t pay for two more weeks, probably will make living difficult when you are dependent upon your jobs for your support. Freelance Programmers and writers are in great demand by many US Companies, as are drivers, writers and medical personnel. Dependent upon your skills in the field that you’ve chosen you are well able to meet your needs financially by a career in consulting.

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Things that will drive your waiter crazy

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It is a simple waste of time as these people have a lot more work to do than stand around waiting until you decide who is going to pay.

It is nice being served by pleasant and smiling servers and waiters in their dashing uniforms and server aprons,Guest Posting when we visit a restaurant for a meal. They are efficient and always willing to please, by helping us with our requests, and sometimes keeping small tools and utensils in their waist apron pockets in order to give us quick assistance.

However, there are certain instances when we actually drive these restaurant servers crazy with our requests and behavior. These include:

Not leaving a tip – Tips are a way in which servers and wait staff earn some extra money, and it is a way of showing our appreciation for the service they have given us. It is rather disappointing to serve a guest throughout the night and not get a tip.
Walking in just before closing time – Walking into a restaurant a few minutes before closing time means that your server has to work extra time until you finish, and don’t get a chance to leave work on time.
Fighting over who pays the bill – Servers find it very annoying when people pounce on them to grab the bill and then start fighting about who pays it.
Bad jokes – Telling bad jokes to a hard-working server can really be annoying for them.
Uncontrollable children – Children who treat a restaurant like a playground are a disaster waiting to happen, especially with servers and waiters running around carrying heavily laden trays of food and drinks.
Being on the phone – Servers hate it when they come to take your order and you are on the phone. Again, they have many tables to serve and wait on, not just yours, so it would be nice to be a little more considerate.
Asking for food that is not on the menu – Asking for things that are not on the menu puts servers and other staff in a dilemma about how to charge you for it.

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What is vegan leather? Is it better or worse for our environment?

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“Vegan leather is produced from polymers that take years to biodegrade, making it really worse for the environment than conventional leather.”

Micro-plastic pollution is a serious problem since it requires a lot of water,Guest Posting energy, and chemicals to process and manufactures the material, which has a negative influence on the environment. Hence, Vegan products in Sri Lanka are in high demand with the current issues taken into consideration.

“The use of heavy metals in the tanning and dyeing process has been a big problem in the leather industry, putting the environment, employees, and even the wearer themselves at danger due to chemicals escaping into water streams.”

If the chemicals get into the water, they produce an overabundance of nutrients, which promotes algae development and animal mortality due to a lack of oxygen in the water. Workers in tanneries are sometimes exposed to significant health hazards, such as lung cancer and leukemia.

ATP Atelier’s Maj-La Pizzelli notes, “Leather items treated with natural vegetable tannins are biodegradable and may be simply disposed of at the end of their natural life.” “We use Tuscan vachetta leather that has been vegetable tanned. On so many ways, this is an intentional decision for us.”

Vegetable tanning is an Italian artisan practice that has been passed down from generation to generation. “It’s lovely, and it also contributes to a more sustainable fashion cycle,” Pizzelli says.

Not only does vegetable-tanned leather contain no hazardous substances (such as azo-dyes, nickel, PCP, or chromium VI), but many tanneries recover hides from the food sector to save waste, promoting a closed-loop system.

Keeping this in mind, while purchasing vegan leather avoids the use of animal products, its substitute may be plastic-based, which is damaging to the environment and takes years to decompose. Because real leather is a natural product, it is not the actual animal skin that is harmful to the environment. However, because the chemicals used in the tanning process are still hazardous, and the leather business contributes to deforestation, it is preferable to use vegetable-tanned leathers.

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Top eco-friendly designs that are helping to protect the environment

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Cloth Napkins: Every day, millions of napkins and diapers are discarded after only being used once throughout the world. The key here is to use reusable items, such as bamboo or clothing. They’re simple to wash, and they’ll keep your kid safe from the hazardous chemicals used in traditional diapers.

Eco-friendly items such as eco-friendly gift items in Sri Lanka and eco-friendly bags in Sri Lanka ,Guest Posting according to the website all-recycling-facts.com, are “products that do not affect the environment in their manufacture, usage, or disposal.” In other words, these goods contribute to environmental preservation by considerably lowering pollution. Products that are environmentally friendly might be produced from scratch or from recycled materials. This type of product is easily identifiable because it is usually labeled as such.

Shopping Bags Made of Cloth or Cotton: When it comes to shopping bags, all you have to do is quit using single-use plastic bags. To avoid problems, bring a cloth or cotton mesh bag with you. In fact, several supermarkets and stores have already begun to charge for plastic bags in order to discourage customers from using too many of them.

Garments Made of Organic or Recycled Materials: Buy clothes made of organic or recycled fabrics. A logo, a seal, or a mention on the tag are generally used to indicate this.

Rechargeable Batteries: Because batteries are difficult to recycle and contain a considerable amount of hazardous elements such as lead, rechargeable batteries are preferred. The latter will cost a little more up front, but in the long term, you will be helping the environment while also saving money.

Housecleaning products: Cleaning products sold in supermarkets are full of ecologically hazardous chemical components. White vinegar, baking soda, tea tree oil, and water may readily substitute them. You’ll receive the same level of cleaning, but with a far greater environmental impact.

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Top 16 Differences Between SOHC Engines And DOHC Engines

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A thorough explanation of the differences between SOHC and DOHC engines. The benefits and drawbacks of both engines, as well as the significance of car service in Reading.

Which is superior,Guest Posting SOHC or DOHC?

Engine technology evolves and improves on a daily basis. Various automakers and engine designers use a variety of pre-existing options when developing an engine.

The two most common types of camshaft engines on the market today are SOHC and DOHC. In the heads of all camshaft engines, there are three basic components that control the exhaust and intake.

Examples include valve bodies, rocker arms, and camshafts. There is considerable disagreement about which engine design is superior, SOHC vs. DOHC. The distinctions between SOHC and DOHC engines are discussed in greater detail below. We will also go over their benefits and drawbacks, as well as the significance of car service in Reading. The data will help you determine which engine type is best suited to your needs.

What Is a Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) Engine?

Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) is an abbreviation for Single Overhead Camshaft. This is a common type of engine. The SOHC is suitable for use in both V and inline configurations. As the name implies, a single camshaft is located over the cylinders in the engine.

The camshaft rotates in real time. The lifters control the valves directly, while the rocker arms control them indirectly. The exhaust and fuel intake valves are both controlled by the Single Overhead Camshaft. This means that a cylinder with the appearance and behaviour of a pushrod engine has no more than two valves.

Because the two valves are controlled at the same time, SOHC engines operate similarly to pushrod engines. The SOHC, on the other hand, is more robust due to the absence of the risk of floating and bent pushrods. Timing belts are used to keep the camshaft and crankshaft in sync in single overhead camshaft engines. A SOHC 4 valve is also feasible, but it necessitates a complex combination of cam lobe shapes and rocker arms.

SOHC engines have the advantage of being less expensive and easier to manufacture. They are also much lighter than DOHC engines. Because only a few parts are used in the configuration, SOHC engines have lower maintenance costs.

What Exactly Is a DOHC (Dual Overhead Cam) Engine?

DOHC engines, also known as Twin Cam engines, are gaining popularity due to their efficiency. Dual Overhead Cam engines are compatible with both V-shapes and inline engines. However, they are more commonly used in conjunction with the Vs. In this engine, the camshafts are located above the heads. Each cylinder has four valves, two of which are controlled by an overhead camshaft.

Each camshaft is arranged in pairs, one next to the other. The camshafts of DOHC engines can be tuned independently of their mate, allowing for greater control and efficiency over the exhaust and intake processes. The exhaust valves are controlled by one camshaft, while the intake valves are controlled by the other. The extra camshafts in each cylinder row allow the valves to open and close with pinpoint accuracy.

The DOHC engine outperforms the SOHC engine in terms of power and efficiency. When it comes to SOHC vs. DOHC sound, the latter runs more quietly and at higher RPMs. These are some of the factors that have contributed to the growing popularity of DOHC engines in the automotive industry, which are geared toward lower exhaust emissions and increased economy.

DOHC engines, on the other hand, are much more complex and difficult to manufacture than SOHC engines. They are also difficult to repair and require a lot of upkeep.

Differences Between SOHC Engines And DOHC Engines

The differences between the two engines are as follows:

The Double Overhead Cam employs two camshafts. The first is used explicitly for the inlet, whereas the second is only used to regulate the outlet. The engine has two pairs of inlet and exhaust valves.
In a single Overhead Cam engine, a single camshaft controls both the outlet and inlet of gases. There is only one set of exhaust valves on this engine.
DOHC engines have twin camshafts, which allows for greater tuning flexibility and optimal valve timing. The maximum available horsepower is increased as a result.
Because SOHC engines only have one camshaft, they have less control over valve timing. The internal combustion engine starts when the air-fuel mixture ignites. The ignition process necessitates precise fuel injection and exhaust gas removal timing. The camshaft angle influences the timing of the exhaust and intake gases. You will have more horsepower if you have better timing.
Because of the improved valve control, DOHC consumes more power. When power consumption is high, fuel consumption is also high. However, some factors, such as gear transmission, driver experience, engine design, and vehicle age, all have an impact on fuel efficiency.
SOHC is more fuel-efficient due to its low power consumption.
Spark plugs in DOHC engines are located in the centre of the combustion chamber because they operate in both the exhaust and intake. Fuel efficiency improves as a result of the improved combustion. Because the spark plugs are strategically placed, efficiency and performance are improved.
The spark plugs are not in the centre of the cylinder. They are not strategically placed, resulting in poor performance of the SOHC engine.
DOHC engines produce more peak power. Despite having the same number of valves, DOHC has more top-end power at higher speeds. Its performance is also enhanced by the addition of more valves to individual cylinders.
SOHC engines produce more torque at low speeds. At low speeds, a SOHC engine with 16 valves produces more torque. However, performance is noticeably lower, particularly at high speeds.
DOHC engines produce more peak power. Despite having the same number of valves, DOHC has more top-end power at higher speeds. Its performance is also enhanced because more valves can be connected to each individual cylinder.
DOHC has a distinct configuration for both incoming and outgoing gases. It has twin valves, which makes it more complicated and, as a result, more expensive to manufacture. It is also more expensive to repair and maintain. DOHC engines benefit more from advancements in valve timing technology.
It is less expensive because it regulates the exit and intake gases with a single cylindrical rod. The manufacturing cost is low because the design is simple. Maintenance and repair costs are also low.
In a DOHC engine, multiple valves control the intake and exhaust. As a result, the ride is quiet and smooth.
Because only one set of valves controls the inlet and outlet, SOHC engines make some noise.

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Dentist Financial Plan: Why Do You Go With Property Crowdfunding?

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Continue reading the article to determine why property crowdfunding has been a popular dentist financial plan and why do you consider it.

While most dentists in the US are well-driven,Guest Posting successful, and enjoy rewarding career opportunities, and also begin their practices earlier than doctors from other branches – most of them have increasing expenses, larger commitments, and legislative interferences. Consequently, all these factors together persistently decay their earnings, whereas a passive income source by investing outside in some prospective venture tends to be a tempting option for a dentist financial plan.

Investment in Real Estate To Boost Passive Income

Unarguably, it becomes quite challenging for promising dentists to manage time outside of their practices to involve in separate businesses for their passive income. The beauty of joining the real estate industry is that – it has great options enabling doctors to get started with their passive income without affecting their practicing area. And out of these most popular models, one that has observed a predominant upsurge in the industry is real estate crowdfunding. As per research findings, the real estate crowdfunding industry is expected to cross $879,992 million by 2027.

What is Real Estate Crowdfunding?

Aka property crowdfunding, real estate crowdfunding is a way of gathering VC towards real estate investment which is carried out by stretching out a pool of investors who needs to contribute a smaller amount of money for the project. Precisely, it’s a business model of raising funds that enable small real estate investors to fund considerably big volume realty projects.

Typically, the process of raising venture capital can be accessed online dentist financial plan crowdfunding portal. In this model, the borrower (the managing partner) in the platform aims to gather the funds and administer everything relating to the development of the real estate project. The other part is the pool of investors /lenders who join the project to invest a certain amount of capital to get high returns on their investment.

Why Do Invest in Crowdfunding?

Although, the idea of crowdfunding was incepted in 1997, however, it got speedy recognition after the great recession (2008) and emerged as a practical option to raise capital from numerous investors for property crowdfunding. This is chiefly used for buying large-scale commercial property for selling or renting. The approach happens to be a great alternative to traditional ways of gathering funds for investments.

Being an investor, a dentist’s financial plan allows you to invest your fund in the project through equity whereas an optional way to lending money in the project and getting returns maybe also there. The major appealing part of crowdfunding is that it opens an opportunity for small investors to partake in high-income potential, praiseworthy real estate projects.

Benefits of Investors Join Crowdfunding

• You can have access to big commercial real estate investment projects and gets quite high returns with low-level investments.

• You can opt for short-term investments depending on the scheme of the project and make a choice of property available before investing.

• It equally helps you to invest in money-making high-cost properties that you cannot afford to invest individually.

• The model also offers you a scope to diversify your investment portfolio through various assets down the line and helps in wealth building.

• Return on your investment is quite high, however, to know more, you need to research a crowdfunding project designed to boost dentist financial plan.

Before joining the community make sure to undergo due diligence to make a worthwhile investment to secure your future.


While locking down the funds required for real estate investments has always been a matter of concern to new and long-term investors, property crowdfunding is definitely an excellent option for VC funds. This is the reason it attracts both borrowers and small investors or lenders.

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