How to Begin a New Consulting Career

A freelance job can take a lot of forms, from working nursing for those who need an overnight assist, to working a blog, or starting servers, or even writing articles for web sites who require them on a regular basis. Programmers who work freelance are often paid more than twice what they normally make for working in an office and Canada as well as the US offered these incentives, because they do not have to maintain offices and furnish the supplies for these type employees. Dave began on a smaller project and worked on a temporary basis. Many sites will offer some wonderful individuals who will pay well and in a timely way, however there are also those who will low ball and ask you to do an article along with research that may take upward of an hour, for two dollars or less. The company was pleased with his work and hired him to become a permanent part of their team. Finding a way to freelance for companies who need the services of someone like you, on a day to day basis is a great way to stay at home and support yourself and your family.

Medical consulting is one that I took on, and it worked well for me because as a former nurse, some of the medical knowledge that I had was exactly what was necessary in the specific web site I worked for. Nurses who work freelance in the US make substantially more than they might do working in hospital, and give the fairly vast nursing shortage they can expect to be offered a great deal more in other countries. Consulting can be rewarding both personally and financially as in the case of Dave who currently works for one of the largest computer firms in the world. If you are tired of the day to day running to an office, don’t like alarm clocks or suits and decided that there had to be a better way to make a living, then you’re probably ready for a career change. Be careful to research the quality of those who want to buy your time or service, and to ask them for the names of others who have worked for them in the past so that you can assure yourself of their reputation as an employer and to be sure that they pay, and pay in a timely way. What I did, was to work several of those jobs each week, and to build a rapport with some of the companies, who then in turned used my service again and again, and offered some great referrals to assist me in finding others.

Among the companies who use freelance assistance in some of their projects are some very well known companies such as: *Google, the search engine giant *Rent a Coder *Kelly Temps: supplies writers, secretaries, programmers and a wide array of temporary workers nationwide in the US. One way to get a foot in the door, is to seek out one of the many sites which have begun to pop up on the Internet that will match you up with those who want your services. No group will want to use someone who can’t write well, or whose grammar and English needs to be consistently corrected or replaced. He now travels both nationally and internationally to work on projects and has effectively tripled his salary from what it was when he began working for an ISP several years ago. Most will charge a small fee for you to use their service, but you will find the opportunity to bid on many different types and priced jobs, where you can begin to make a name in the consulting business. Many companies will hire those whose work they admire for a permanent placement. Make sure that when you work at the position, you will check and double check your work prior to turning it in. Freelance consulting may just be your step up to a new career path. When I was working nursing, I found that even the non skilled nursing jobs paid more for me in the open arenas such as home health than they did when I was working in house such as a hospital or nursing home. I left the office full time over 2 years ago, and although things were tight in the beginning, so far I haven’t’ looked back. Much like you’d not take a position that paid you two dollars an hour in the real world, so you can’t afford to do so when you are consulting and discouraging others from taking the lower pay will in the end help everyone involved in freelancing. So many fields are now open to the consultant that to choose a course that would serve well in all of them is difficult at best, however the one that springs immediately to mind would be of course English or grammar. Specific courses that might aid you in a consulting career would be as varied of course as your choice of the career to follow. Working for someone for two weeks, who doesn’t pay for two more weeks, probably will make living difficult when you are dependent upon your jobs for your support. Freelance Programmers and writers are in great demand by many US Companies, as are drivers, writers and medical personnel. Dependent upon your skills in the field that you’ve chosen you are well able to meet your needs financially by a career in consulting.

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