An Image Consultant Can Be Your Secret Weapon to Success

We’ve all heard the phrase, “dress for success” or “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” But does that really mean and how can you leverage your overall image be leveraged for business success?

Today’s image consultants not only work with professionals on the professional image, they leverage their business experience and coaching expertise to help their clients reach their long-term goals through business coaching, professional, and training. An experienced image consultant can help their clients build a professional brand, improve communications and create a consistent image that conveys confidence and keeps communicates demonstrates your expertise.

“But I’m Not a Celebrity?”

Many assume that working with a professional image consultant is exclusively for the jet set. And one of the first questions I get about professional image services is related to the cost. But in today’s competitive marketplace, working with an image consultant creates an immediate competitive advantage. Professionals who work with an image consultant are able to move up the corporate ladder more quickly, reach their goals and stand out among their peers. The professionals who make the decision to invest in their careers make receive a significant return on investment in both the professional and personal arenas. And, they obtain skills that can be used over a lifetime.

I’m an Excellent Employee

And what I wear shouldn’t matter. In a perfect world, both of those statements would be true. But time after time, managers and human resources professionals confess that first impressions make a difference in the employees that are promoted and those potential employees asked back for a second interview. Companies are looking for team members that have more than the basic qualifications outlined in a job descriptions. Employees are being asked to take on more and managers need to be able to quickly identify employees prepared to take a leadership role. Creating a winning image will ensure you don’t get passed over for opportunities because of your lack of executive presence or professional image.

Learn how to blend out

Many people are concerned that working with an image consultant will make them look like someone else; creating a cookie cutter image. They are concerned about losing their sense of individuality and being stuck with a style that doesn’t fit their personality. However, the goal of an image consultant is to get a sense of your personal style and professional goals before any suggestions are made. This is done by doing a detailed assessment that includes a color analysis, style personality profile and understanding of the client’s lifestyle. Recommendations are then made and a wardrobe and personal branding strategies are developed in order to create a more polished image that is both comfortable and exudes confidence.

Long-term, lifetime benefits

Whether you are recently employed or a recent graduate, working with an image consultant can be a benefit at any stage of a career. More seasoned professionals can benefit from working with an image consultant who can help them assess their overall presence and provide an overall brand analysis. An image consultant can help ease the transition from college campus to corporate boardroom for new job seekers and recent graduates.

Avoid missing out on professional opportunities because of a less that professional image and presence. Partnering with an image consultant can help you better assess what makes you great and identify areas for improvement.

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